About WeGO

World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) is an international cooperative body for cities and local governments.

WeGO pursues sustainable city development based on e-government by fostering collaborations among e-governing cities, bringing efficiency and transparency into public administration by strengthening the digital capacity of cities, enhancing online public services, facilitating civic involvement, helping bridge the digital-divide among social strata within a city and among cities of the world, and promoting mutual cooperation and solidarity among cities.

WeGO shares what we know by discovering good practices of e-governments around the world and sharing them online.

WeGO bridges the digital divide by collaborating with cities from developing countries for e-government development.

WeGO uses ICT to advance public administration by discovering and disseminating the effective use of ICT for administrative transparency and efficiency.

WeGO discovers good practices of e-governance by granting e-government awards(tentative) through which outstanding practices around the world will be presented and acknowledged.

WeGO promotes exchanges and cooperation by exchanging public officers between cities and creating ICT business models for public private partnership.

WeGO works with international bodies by conducting joint projects and collaborating in areas of mutual interest. 

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