About WeGO Eurasia Regional Office, Ulyanovsk region

World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) is an international cooperative body for cities and local governments.

The Ulyanovsk region started the collaboration with WeGO in 2010 and was elected Vice President City at the 2nd General Assembly Meeting in Barcelona in 2012.
Executive Committee approved the proposal of the Ulyanovsk Region on the 3rd of September, 2013 for the establishment of Europe Regional Office.
Roles and Responsibilities of Regional Offices 
Regional Office is an affiliated organization of WeGO Secretariat that supports the functions of WeGO Secretariat. Europe Regional Office will support WeGO Secretariat with public relations and invitation for the meetings of Executive Committee and General Assembly. 
Europe Regional Office will develop regional programs to promote exchanges and cooperation on e-governance among members in Europe. In addition, it will encourage members in the region to participate in the regional programs. 
Europe Regional Office will promote WeGO in Europe to secure new members, develop partnership with local organizations, and expand the global network of WeGO. 
Regional Office will organize training, education, and forum on e-governance. 
WeGO Europe Regional Office, Ulyanovsk region has received honour to welcome IV WeGO General Assembly in 2017. This right, as well as the great opportunity to host the WeGO Executive Committee Meeting in 2015, was given to Ulyanovsk at the III General Assembly in Chengdu in 2014.
Ulyanovsk region is chosen as the Eurasia Regional Office at the Executive Committee meeting of the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) in Quezon City (Philippines), October 17.  
The structure of WeGO Eurasia Regional Office, Ulyanovsk region
Secretary General: Svetlana Openysheva
Phone: +7 (8422) 37-13-13
Phone:  +7 (8422) 37-13-13 (ext.1071)