The 4th WeGO General Assembly, Ulyanovsk Region, June 27-30, 2017

Theme: "Smart Sustainable Cities for All"

The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO) will be organizing its 4th WeGO General Assembly in Ulyanovsk Region, Russia from June 27-30, 2017. With the theme "Smart Sustainable Cities for All", the General Assembly will bring together Mayors, CIOs, city officials, and representatives from the public and private sectors to celebrate their achievements in e-Government and Smart City initiatives, as well as to convene on key WeGO Agenda. The Mayor of Seoul, the President of WeGO, and the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, the host of the event, cordially invite everyone to attend this exciting four-day event!

Main Activities include:

4th WeGO General Assembly—"Smart Sustainable Cities for All"

• Mayors from around the world will gather to share and highlight their e-Government and smart city achievements in front of an international audience and media

• Mayors will contribute to key WeGO agenda: "WeGO Mission Reformulation"—"WeGO 3-Year Strategic Plan"—and elect WeGO's governing body of cities: President, Vice President, and Executive Committee Cities

3rd WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards Ceremony

• Cities will receive an internationally recognized award in front of a large international audience and media for their e-Government and smart city initiatives

• A commemorative trophy will be handed out during the Awards Ceremony by the Mayor of Seoul and the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region, Russia

• More information on the WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards can be found here

World Mayors Roundtable

• Mayors from around the world will gather to share their cities' achievements and challenges and propose future collaboration among cities

Matchmaking Meetings

• Mayors can request to meet with other Mayors in a private meeting room to speak about future city-to-city collaborations and to share similar challenges faced by mayors

City Digital Solutions Forum

• ICT solutions companies from all over the world will gather to share their solutions and best practices with cities and forge new business relations with other companies

Thematic Sessions, Ideathon Workshop, Technical and Cultural Tours

Kindly click here to download our 4th WeGO General Assembly flier!

Official registration for the 4th WeGO General Assembly has opened, and we invite interested parties to register here!



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