WeGO e-Government Training Program: Seoul Program (March 26 - April 2)

In an effort to advance municipal digital capacity, WeGO is inviting public officials of its member cities to a five-day e-Government training program (apart from arrival and departure dates) exclusively for WeGO members from March 26 to April 2, 2017 in Seoul, Korea.

Since 2011, WeGO has been offering the popular "Seoul Program"—an e-Government training program in partnership with the Seoul Human Resource Development Center—in Seoul, Korea.  The Seoul Program consists of diverse lectures that introduce the best e-Government practices and policies based on Seoul’s global leadership in ICT and smart city trends. It also features interactive discussion sessions and site visits to Seoul’s e-Government facilities as well as cultural excursions.



March 27

·         Lecture: Seoul’s Smart City Solutions and e-Government Policy

·         Lecture: Korea’s e-Government Development

·         Report: City Paper Presentations by Participants

March 28

·         Lecture: The WeGO CeDS Online Platform

·         Lecture: Bukchon IoT Project

·         Study Tour: Bukchon Hanok Village

-      A popular tourist destination in Seoul known for alleys of beautiful traditional Korean houses, which also serves as a test bed for Seoul to develop and launch IoT technologies for the convenience of citizens and tourists.

·         Cultural Tour: Samcheonggak (Traditional Korean Cultural Center)

March 29

·         Lecture: Geographic Information Systems- The Seoul Map

·         Study Tour: TOPIS

-      Seoul TOPIS is a comprehensive transport management center that serves as the “control tower” responsible for the operation and management of Seoul’s transport system.

·         Study Tour: Seoul City Hall

March 30

·         Lecture: Big Data for Cities

·         Study Tour: Seoul Data Center

·         Study Tour: S-PLEXCENTER

-      The S-PLEXCENTER is a landmark in Seoul that houses the Seoul Cybersecurity Center, Seoul Cloud Center, Seoul Traffic Broadcasting System, and e-Sports Stadium

·         Study Tour: Sangamdong IT Complex

March 31

·         Lecture: Digital Government Platforms- The WeGO eGovFrame

·         Wrap Up and Work Plan Presentation


The Seoul Program will take place at the Seoul Human Resource Development Center (SHRDC) in Seoul, Republic of Korea. For more information, please visit the official website of SHRDC at http://seoulmiti.org/.


All the lectures and field trips will be run in English only; therefore, participants must have a good command of the English language. Applicants will be required to undergo an English interview by the WeGO Secretariat to test their English skills between February 7-10.



Airfare: Each and every participant is responsible for the airfare from their Home Country to Seoul (March 26) and from Seoul back to their Home Country (April 2).


Accommodation: WeGO/ SHRDC will provide participants with hotel accommodations at The Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel for 7 nights (check-in on March 26, check-out on April Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided for all participants during the duration of the program.

Local Transport: WeGO/ SHRDC will provide each participant with local transport from/to airport, the hotel, and the training site. All participants should inform WeGO their flight itinerary for airport pick-up and send-off.


Application Form, Headshot Photo, Copy of Passport

Each participant is required to submit a completed application form, a headshot photo (in .JPG format), and a copy of the passport ID page to the WeGO Secretariat via email at secretariat@we-gov.org.

Deadline for Application Forms, Headshot Photos, Passport Copies: February 2, 2017.


Mr. Earl Burgos

Program Officer

WeGO Secretariat

Tel: +82 2 720 2934

E-mail: earl@we-gov.org cc: andrew@we-gov.org, secretariat@we-gov.org

Ms.Kseniya Yarkova

Communications Coordinator,

WeGO Europe Regional office

Tel: +79022192884

E-mail: wego.ulregion@mail.ru  , wego.ulregion@gmail.com


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