Webinar on Open Government Innovation by the Ulyanovsk Region

Date:December 16, 2015. Time:08.00-09:30(UTC), 11.00–12:30(Moscow Time), 17.00-18.30(Seoul Time).

City officials who want to learn about the Ulyanovsk Region's experience in Open Government Innovation are highly encouraged to participate.  We hope that you would join this e-Government training program which is free of charge and bears no geographical restrictions!

The webinar can be accessed from this LINK .

This link will be accessible on the day of the webinar. Registration is not required. 



1. Mr. Aleksandr Riabushko (Russia)
Deputy director of RGD “Office of the Affairs of the Ulyanovsk region”
“Front-office innovation management”

2. Ms. Ekaterina Kitaeva (Russia)

Head of External Affairs and International Communication Division of RSPI “Electronic Ulyanovsk”
Best practices of cooperation between the authorities, business and society.”

3. Mr. Valery Kandaulov (Russia)
Director of
LLC “IntelSoft”

“Smart city and e-government implementation on the Ulyanovsk region example.”

4. Mr.Dmitry Zinoviev (Russia)

Head of Spatial data infrastructure development Division of RSPI “Electronic Ulyanovsk”

“Virtual guide of the Ulyanovsk region with panoramic visualization.”

5. Mrs. Olga Dmitrieva (Russia)

Deputy Director of  “Ulyanovsk Regional Medical information and analytical centre”

“Medical appointments organization with the use of IT technologies and  electronic devices ”


For more information on this exciting webinar, please contact:

Ms. Kseniya Yarkova

Phone: +7 (8422) 589164


02.12.15 08:50