Specialists of the Ulyanovsk region participated in WeGO Training 2014

E-Government Training included a number of lectures, technical visits and excursions aimed at sharing the experience in e-Governance

 The Ulyanovsk region started the collaboration with WeGO in 2010. WeGO provided the Ulyanovsk region with the opportunity to participate in the e-Government Training Program on April 7-12, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. E-Government Training included a number of lectures, technical visits and excursions.

"TOPIS" –Transport Operation Information Service

The single transport control system provides:

  • Bus data collection;
  • Road data collection;
  • Land manage agency;
  • Traffic broadcasting station;
  • Police agency;
  • Korea Expressway cooperation;
  • Bus and road information delivery.

Another popular e-service is «120 DASAN call-center»

Dasan Call Center is a public service that resolves the concerns of citizens in real-time through telephone, videophone, text messages and Internet. Before launching the center, Seoul residents had to find the right phone number from among 69 numbers to reach the right one of 46,000 city officials. By integrating 69 numbers into one, Seoul residents no longer need to find the right number for the right person or department. Call agents answer over 90% of inquiries directly with the aid of a task manual and a consultation application. This allows city officials to focus on more creative tasks.

Thanks to this new system, the time it takes to get a response by phone has been reduced from around 70 minutes to a maximum of three minutes. Any Seoul resident can reach this public service 24/7. The hearing and speaking impaired can use sign language or text messages. Seniors living alone receive regular phone calls from the agents and foreigners can use the foreign language services. Daily calls to the center have increased from 1,100 in January 2007 to 40,000 as of December 2010, with an accumulated record of 23 million calls.


The Ulyanovsk region was presented by:

  • Alexandr Riabushko, Deputy Director of RGD “Office of the Affairs of the Ulyanovsk region”,
  • Margarita Sedenkova, Translator of External Affairs and International Cooperation Division of RSBI “Electronic Ulyanovsk”, Communication Coordinator of WeGO Europe Regional Office,
  • Ruslan Nizamiev, Head  of Informatization and Distant Learning Division of RSAI “Center of Information Technologies.

Specialists of the Ulyanovsk region shared their experience in e-governance and IT and presented the following projects: «Open Data in the Ulyanovsk region», «E-services in Education in the Ulyanovsk region», «Socially significant IT- events in the Ulyanovsk region».

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