How to become WeGO member?



Cities and Local Governments around the world are eligible to become members of WeGO. As of April 2014, WeGO has 69 full members and 5 associate members.

Membership Categories

  1. Full Member: any city which attended the Inaugural General Assembly or whose membership application was approved by the General Assembly
  2. Associate Member: any city which has submitted a membership application but whose membership has not yet been approved by the General Assembly where the decision will be made.
Requirements for Application

1. Membership Application Form (Click to download)
2. Official Letter by Mayor or Head of Executive Authority (if necessary)

Application Procedure 

1. Please complete and submit the Membership Application Form (signed by the Mayor or authorized city representative) to the WeGO Secretariat.

WeGO Secretariat
Postal Address: 10F Seoul Global Center, 38 Jongro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 100-739, Republic of Korea
Tel: +82 (0)2 720 2937, Fax: +82 (0)2 720 2939

2. Upon submission of the application form, any city becomes an associate member of WeGO.

3. Associate members become full members of WeGO by the approval of General Assembly at the earliest meeting of the General Assembly after the submission. 

Member rights and benefits

1. Active Participation in WeGO
– Full Members have rights to take part in discussions, vote, approve, decide on, and confirm key agenda in the General Assembly.
– Associate Members can attend regular sessions of the General Assembly and present their opinions.

2. e-Government Training Program for WeGO Members
WeGO may support participants with hotel accommodation, meals and local transport. In 2014, three training programs will be held, organized by the WeGO Secretariat in Seoul, and by WeGO Regional Offices in Asia and Europe.

3. Access to the UN Public Administrative Network

4. Active Participation in the WeGO Awards
Members may make nominations for the judging pool of the WeGO Awards.

5. e-Government Consultation
WeGO provides consulting services to help cities assess their current e-Government status and draw realistic e-Government strategies.

6. Cooperation with International Organizations and IT Experts
WeGO links members to international organizations including the United Nations, the World Bank, the National Center for Digital Governance, and the International Institute of Administrative Sciences. WeGO’s network also includes leading IT experts and professionals from governments, academia, civil society and the private sector.

7. Networking among Cities and Local Governments Around the World
WeGO convenes the General Assembly every two years, and meetings with its Executive Committee members every year. The General Assembly organizes workshops, exhibitions, and various events in which participants can actively network with mayors, CIOs, and other public officials from all around the world.

8. e-Government Tools Developed for WeGO Members
WeGO members have access to complimentary e-Government tools, including the City e-Government Diagnostic & Solution Framework developed with the World Bank, and the e-Government Framework developed by Korea’s National Information Society Agency.

Member responsibilities

  1. Members should participate in projects and meetings of WeGO actively.
  2. Members should endeavor to share good practices and knowledge on e-Governance with other cities and local governments worldwide.
  3. Full members of WeGO should pay the annual membership fee.

For more detailed information please read Membership Guidelines here.

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