Congratulations from Gunso Kim, Secretary General of WeGO on the opening of WeGO Europe Regional Office

Gunso Kim, Secretary General of WeGO congratulated Secretary General of WeGO Europe Regional Office, Ulyanovsk region on the opening of the Office at the international IT-exhibition CeBIT-2014

 Dear Madame Svetlana V. Openysheva,



The WeGO Secretariat would like to warmly congratulate you as well as the Ulyanovsk Region for the opening of the Europe Regional Office of WeGO.


The Ulyanovsk Region always demonstrated a long term interest in WeGO, as we started to cooperate since 2010. After being appointed as Vice President City of WeGO in 2012, the opening of your new office shows all your commitment and dedication to the WeGO project, and how well you integrated WeGO values: sharing knowledge, promoting cooperation between cities, and aiming for the best possible use of IT in administrations.


This new office, as well as your new website, will provide vital support to the WeGO Secretariat by assuring a local European presence for WeGO, and will therefore be able to reach out European cities in an easier and more convenient way.

We also hope that the announcement at the CEBIT exhibition in Hannover today will be a great success, and that many people will come congratulate you at your booth.


Once again, we would like to express our heartiest congratulations and best wishes of success to the WeGO Europe Regional Office, Ulyanovsk Region and look forward to cooperating in WeGO future projects together!




Yours sincerely,

Gunso Kim

Secretary General of WeGO

Chief Information Officer of Seoul


12.03.14 14:24