Projects of Regional Information Center

 Currently the Ulyanovsk region, as well as other regions of the Russian Federation is using hardware-software system applied in the housing sector.  This complex is a unique product including the following information systems: Object Accounting, System of Charges for Utility Services, My Profile, Single Control Service, etc.

Object Accounting System allows to collect and control all of the information about housing services charges in the Ulyanovsk region. The system contains the element open to the public which is the portal. The portal provides the citizens with the information about the home and its management organization. The portal enables combining the data on tariffs, accruals, fees, expenses of the management companies in housing maintenance, as well as on planned, ongoing and emergency work. Besides, the portal is integrated with Contact Center of the city Mayor, which is based on Single Control Service. Single Control Service shows the applications received by the Contact Center as well as the stage of application processing.

System of Charges for Utility Services is the core component of the software system.
Calculation System provides maximum detailed information about services, joins the subservices with the suppliers, solves the problem of various billing standards connected with changing management companies etc.In other words, the system provides the citizens with all the information about the payments and the debts.

Forming a single receipt is enabled by the interaction with external programs.
A special program allows to receive payments at any point in the reception area. Subscriber can immediately get the calculated amount and pay for services consumed by just calling meter readings. This reduces the total amount of payment debt. The collected data is transferred into System of Charges for Utility Services.

In the framework of the GIS "Housing" project there are implemented the following projects improving the service quality in the Ulyanovsk region:
- My Profile, working in conjunction with the System of Charges for Utility Services;
- Online Housing Payment.

My Profile is the online service, personalized for each payer, which allows to make meter readings; obtain information on the operations and services of the personal account; print information about charges and payments, etc.; view the history of charges and payments. My Profile is available as well as IOS and Android mobile application. In April 2014 the number of users of the service My Profile exceeded 30 500 people (the service is available for the residents of Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad, Novoulyanovsk).

Since 2011 the Online Housing Payment has been implemented . The number of residents using the services of Online Payment is constantly growing. Housing Services can be paid for either through My Profile or through third-party websites.