Regional Medical Information Service (RMIS)

 Regional Medical Information Service (RMIS) is a unified health information system.

RMIS comprises a network of medical organizations of the Ulyanovsk region within the city and the districts. This enables to exchange information between medical organizations of the region and significantly simplifies medical service delivery to the citizens.
serves to:

·  Organize appointments in the electronic form (online as well), remote appointments from one medical organization to another (in the framework of Electronic Registration Desk project).

Electronic Registration Desk is a module which enables to arrange appointments remotely and to control the flow of patients in real time. Appointments are available: by telephone, via call-center and the Internet, or at the registration desk. The control of patient flow is possible not only within the clinic, but also within the region.

·   Maintain medical e-record of a patient.

The electronic medical record of each patient contains information on the appointments to doctors, results, inoculations and vaccinations, medical examinations, provided services, sick-leave certificates, fluorography results, medical reports on hospitalized treatments and other heath-related information.

The gathered information can be used in various analyses to improve medical service delivery in the Ulyanovsk region. Currently the system is being integrated into the Unified governmental information health system. This will provide faster and better medical examinations of patients not only in regional, but also in country scale.

·   Control the individual medical service delivery

This function enables to control the accounting of delivered services (for establishments participating in the program of compulsory health insurance).

·    Report

RMIS provides a real-time access to summarized data, which simplifies the process of reporting.

RMIS program in the Ulyanovsk region also includes full and detailed medicament accounting at all levels of medical organizations and supply chain stages.

The system of individual medicaments accounting is to

  • hold exhaustive information on medicament reserves in the municipality
  • maintain automated accounting records
  • track on medicaments
  • fulfill redistribution.