NetworkCity & Education

 “NetworkCity & Education” is a unified information system in education, the system of electronic diaries and class registers.

“NetworkCity & Education” is a complex automated information system which combines educational institutions and education authorities within the city, urban or rural area. It creates the single informational space of the Ulyanovsk region.

The rights of access to the information are distinguished and can be customized. Every user from each educational institution (the Principal, the Head Teacher, a student, a teacher, etc.) and parents have their own personal usernames and passwords. They can enter the system from any computer with the access to municipal network or to the Internet. For instance, parents can track their child’s marks and attendance, address teachers or school authorities both from home and work computer; students can check their marks, hometasks, etc.

At the same time the educational authorities have a real-time access to the aggregated information featuring schools. This information can be used for statistical and other reports, which simplifies the reporting process. School authorities do not have to prepare separate reports and to collate information any more.

"NetworkCity & Education" is not just an administrative system. Every educational institution gets all the necessary means for proper organization of the educational process.In particular, a teacher and a student can use the integrated learning courses and testing systems. The System “NetworkCity & Education” is integrated with up-to-date informational services such as SMS School.

"NetworkCity & Education" brings together:

  • general education institutions;
  • pre-school institutions;
  • institutions of additional education;
  • initial vocational training institutions.

For more detailed information please visit the website of  “NetworkCity & Education” system in the Ulyanovsk region: