Ulyanovsk region will continue cooperation with the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization

It was discussed during the WeGO Executive committee meeting 2020 held online.

Participants of the meeting discussed the creation of new regional offices, WeGO Masterplan and WeGO 3-year strategic plan and also the planned events for 2021.

One of the main topics of the Executive committee meeting this year was the Smart Cities development during the complicated epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19, adaptation to new conditions, influence of the pandemic towards the use of IT.

At the opening ceremony the head of the region Mr. Sergey Morozov greeted the participants of the event and congratulated WeGO with the 10-th anniversary.

 “2020 has actualized the importance and significance of IT not only by the Smart City but also by the electronic government. The level of IT development at the current stage has reached such a level that covered almost all areas of life and opened new opportunities for the management of the territories. Nowadays we face the question of choosing the technologies for handling the settled tasks with the minimal risks for government and society. World Smart Sustainable Cities organization addresses this question and provides invaluable assistance in providing opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange”, - emphasized the Governor Sergey Morozov.

Experts in the area of Smart Cities and government representatives from around the world participated in the event.

More than 40 representatives of the Ulyanovsk region executive government bodies and local municipalities participated in the meeting as observers.

Part of the session for the annual evaluation of the regional offices happened the speech of the Eurasia regional office Secretary General Ms. Svetlana Openysheva with the report on the work done in 2020.

 “Ulyanovsk region actively participates in the events of the World organization which enables the creation of conditions for sustainable international cooperation, knowledge exchange and the growth of competences in the areas of digitization, electronic government management and IT. In 2020 we have organized 4 online events in which participated the world’s leading experts. Such cooperation is extremely important from the scientific and practical points of view. We have a task from the Head of the region to improve the population’s quality of life by means of smart and safe technologies. Beyond the development of new decisions, cooperation with the WeGO members enables taking the potential ICT-generated risks into consideration and minimizing them”, - said the Eurasia regional office Secretary general, “Government for citizens” director Ms.Svetlana Openysheva.

To recall, Ulyanovsk region has been cooperating with the World organization for 10 years.  

In 2013 the region was elected as the WeGO Europe regional office.

In 2015 the Executive Committee meeting was organized in the region, in 2017 – the General Assembly.

Since 2018 Ulyanovsk region has been the Eurasia regional office of the World organization.

As a reference:

WeGO is the World Smart Sustainable Cities organization which unites the city governments around the world, dedicated to improving the citizen’s lives based on electronic management and by means of ICT-instruments.

 Activities of the World organization are aimed at bridging the digital divide through the cooperation with the cities from the developing countries, popularization of IT in the work of government bodies, and also at studying and collection of best practices in the area of digital transformation.

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